Getting the right solution & choosing the right blind first time!

We are here to provide you with best service, honesty and integrity to ensure your are 100% happy. When you invite us into your home, we consult with you and offer professional advice to help choose the right blinds and colour solutions. We are experienced in interior  design and can advise which products will offer the best service and decorating effect. You can feel confident that you will be delighted with your new blind installation.

Below are a few points to consider when choosing your window solution.

  • Get the best advice when considering colour and fabric choices. The choice you make will affect your everyday living so you need to be very happy with  the result.  Professionally made window coverings add real value to your home. They are also designed to protect other valuable assets such as carpet, furniture and furnishing. We offer the best advice in colour, design and functionality of our products free of charge at the measure and quote stage. Ask for this when you arrange for a visit.
  • Thinking about readymade blinds.  While these are a cheaper alternative, they will not satisfy most people. Your readymade blind is typically a cheap imported blind, and the components and fabrics are not made to with­stand the harsh UV that we have here in New Zealand. The blind is never the right size for your window and the responsibility falls on you to take correct measurements and cut­down the blind. These blinds usually look unprofessional and will not give you years of service, and components are not  vailable. It is best to have your blinds custom­made to fit your window – you will be guaranteed a worthwhile investment with an excellent warranty
  • Want to  DIY  consider the end result you are wanting. Let the blind company do all the measuring and installing this way you will not face the cost of a remake because of a mistake plus you would have been given the necessary advice along the way to make the correct decisions.
  • When choosing a company consider all the above plus how long the company has been making blinds. Do they have the resources to come back to you to fix any problems? Do they offer a good warranty to protect your investment?

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